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Since 1955, the Tritons have been providing a safe and engaging environment for kids to enjoy swimming while helping them to develop team building skills and keeping cool in the summer!
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We believe that swimming is not only a great sport, but a great tool for a successful life. We are excited you are interested in swimming, and strive to provide an engaging activity for our youth. The summer swim team provides the opportunity to stay out of the heat in the cool pool, enjoying the water, and making new friends!
  • Tritons Swim Party Fundraiser - Come join us in July at the City Pool for swimming, games, food and music. We will keep you posted on the specific date once it is scheduled!
  • Tritons Business Support Drive via Facebook. Once this rolls out, please show your support on Facebook, and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!

The Red Bluff High School Pool is not available for practices or meets this summer due to an issue with the pool and so we will be postponing the swim season this year and will start back up in 2020.

We will still have fundraising opportunities and events during the summer to help us start the next swim season with a SPLASH! We plan on having a SUPER FUN SWIM PARTY at the City Pool sometime in July so keep your eyes open on Facebook for more information about that! We are also planning on putting together a Business Fundraiser on Facebook to have our local business participate in, so once that goes live, please SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed swimming with us over the years, we are so lucky to have you as a part of the Tritons Swim Team! We hope to see you at our summer fundraising events!