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P.O. Box 145, Red Bluff, CA 96080

2017 Red Bluff Tritons Board Members
2017 Red Bluff Tritons Coaches

President        Dani Shults

Vice President  Regina Oliverez 
Treasurer      Colleen Kirchem

Secretary      Shonte Stubbs     

Registrar      Desi Munoz
Publicity       Nancy Snodgrass      

Swimmer Rep   Megan Snodgrass

Member At Large Shannon Niles, Charlotte Evans.

Maria Humphrey
Justin Shults
Jordan Munoz

Checklist for signing up for an Invitational Meet:

* Go online to Swim Connection
*Sign in and find Swim Meet
*Sign up for events and pay
* Reserve a Hotel/Motel OR   

To sign up for a dual:
* Check yes/no on sheet at practice
* Duals are FREE!
What to bring to an Invitational 
or a Dual Meet:

​* lots of water/ice chest
* towel, goggles/extra goggles, sweatshirt to  mountain   towns
* team swim cap/suit
* sunblock
* games, cards during "down time"
* lawn chairs
* shade (ie. easy-up/pop-up tent)
* money for program, souveneirs, snacks
* pen/paper to keep track of swim times
* camera ;)
What to expect at an Invitational Meet:

Arrive 15-20 minutes before check-in time to set up/claim your family location.  Each team usually 
     has a common area, so look for other RBT families or ask a coach where our team area is.

Check-in at the check-in table the swimmers event numbers are written on their hand to help them 
     remember events they will participate in for that day 
     (check-in each day and receive new event #'s each day)

* Find out when RBT warm up times are and ask a coach which strokes to practice during the warm-up.

* Most families purchase a program which includes all swimmers participating for the entire Meet and 
     the swimmers' names listed in order by their "seed times" for each event.

* Locate the "Heat & Lane Assignments" board.  This is where you will find the Heat # and Lane # for 
     the swimmer's event.  These assignment are posted at least 4 events prior to the start of an event. 
     So, if a swimmer is in event #10, the Heat & Lane assignment page will be posted around the time
     that event 5 or 6 is happening in the pool.

Star-Spangled Banner is sung and the meet begins!

* Listen CAREFULLY throughout the day and arrive at the blocks NO LATER than two event numbers 
     prior the swimmer's event. (Remember you should have already made note of the swimmer's heat 
     and lane numbers prior to arriving at the blocks.) AGES 8 & UNDER REPORT TO THE "BULL PEN"

Check-in with the timers in your lane have your name on their record sheet.  Some timers will ask 
     you for your name, and some do not.  Take the initiative to know that you and timers know you 
     are ready and in the correct lane! If a swimmer is not at the blocks when the Starter Referee calls
     for swimmers step up to the blocks, the swimmer may not be able to race and will receive a
     "no swim" for that event.

* After your event, check with the coach for a high five and possibly some tips for improvement.

Re-hydraterestwait for your next event, and cheer for your teammates during their events!

* Results will be posted in approx 30 min. 
     (record them in a log and see how the times become faster with each meet throughout 
     the summer!)

2017 High Point Awards

      s     Scott Valley Meet
RBT Place-2nd
Individual High Point Swimmers:
Nikko Munoz
Bella Munoz
Jordan Munoz
Joslyn Shults
Jace Shults
Bryson Humphrey

Anderson Meet
RBT Place-3rd
Nikko Munoz

Red Bluff Meet
RBT Place-1st
Individual High Point Swimmers:
Nikko Munoz
Jordan Munoz
Megan Snodgrass
Jaden Humphrey
Mia Avila
Joslyn Shults

Weaverville Meet
     RBT Place:
Individual Highpoint Swimmers:
Nikko Munoz
Jordan Munoz
Macalan Niles
Jaden Humphrey
Joslyn Shults
Mia Avila
NVAL Championship
     RBT Place- 
     Indiviual High Point Swimmers:
​Nikko Munoz
Joslyn Shults
Mia Avila
Macia Niles