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What To Expect
Swimming on a team has many different areas to learn, but to get started, you should expect to attend as many practices as possible and the Tritons Meet. Of course, the more your swimmer participates, the better they will become. We encourage all swimmers to also attend duals, and as many meets as they can.

Some of the items you should expect to have for your swimmer include:

  • Appropriate swim suit: Girls are required to wear one-piece suits (USA Swimming Rules) A high front design is recommended because of diving. Boys may wear the traditional suit or jammers.
  • Goggles are strongly recommended because they protect the eyes from pool chemicals and improve vision while swimming.
  • Towel, Flip-flops, Drinking Water & Sunscreen
  • Swimmers may want to purchase and use Swimmers Ear Drops to help fight any infections.

It is a good idea to label your equipment to avoid losing/misplacing belongings.

About Practices
Practice is the backbone of swimming. The daily practice of skills and consistent work-outs help to increase agility and stamina during duals and meets. Swimmers receive instruction in stroke and turn, racing dives, turns, kicks, lap conditioning, sprints, rules of competition and relays. Practices also help swimmers to develop team spirit and friendship.
About Duals
Duals are swim competitions held between two teams on weekday evenings, usually after 5:00 p.m. The dual usually takes two - three hours and includes relays. There is no fee to participate in duals, but sign up prior to the Monday before the dual. Swimmers are limited to two events plus relays. Duals are an excellent choice for novice swimmers, since they are low-key.

What to Expect at a Dual Meet
  • Arrive no later than 30 min. before the start of the meet.
  • There is not a “Check-In” desk at a dual meet. 
  • Coaches distribute DUAL CARDS which include event#, heat, lane, stroke.
  • Begin your warm-ups, according to what your coach wants. 
  • Parents set up in “Team Area" and keep records of swim times.
  • Swimmer report to their designated lane two events prior to their own and give the dual card to the timer for that lane.

About Meets
Invitational Swim meets, sometimes simply called Meets, are held most weekends and may be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in which several teams participate. Be prepared to spend 4-5 hours outdoors during the HOT summer days. Bring a shade tent, chairs, blankets, ice chest, sunscreen, cards, paper, crayons, books, games…

The only mandatory Invitational is our own RBT Meet.

Invitational Meets are more competitive than duals in that stroke proficiency is judged by officials. Top swimmers score points for each event to determine overall high point trophy winners for each age group and gender. Swimmers are placed into groups called heats, according to their entered times. Entry fees for all meets must be submitted when you turn in your SAMMS card. The Coach will give you more information about this prior to the meet.

What to Expect at a Meet

  • Take your meet sheet for directions, location, phone number, and start times
  • Ask coach for warm-up time, and arrive no later than 30 min. prior to warm-ups.
  • Check-in at the check-in table. The swimmer’s event numbers are written on their hand to help them remember events they will participate in for that day.
  • Set up camp- set up/claim your family location. Each team usually has a common area. Look for other RBT families or ask a coach where our team area is. Let coach know you are there.
  • Find out when RBT warm up times are and ask a coach which strokes to practice.
  • Many families purchase a program which includes all swimmers participating. Swimmers' names listed in order by their "seed times" for each event.
  • Locate the "Heat & Lane Assignments" board. This is where you will find the Heat # and Lane # for the swimmer's event. These assignments are posted 2-4 events prior to the start of an event. SWIMMERS/PARENTS are responsible for knowing heat/lane assignments- NOT coaches.
  • Star-Spangled Banner is sung and the meet begins!
  • Arrive at the blocks NO LATER than two event numbers prior the swimmer's event. SWIMMERS AGES 8 & UNDER REPORT TO THE "BULL PEN" AREA.
  • Check-in with the timers in your lane.
  • After your event, check with the coach.
  • Results will be posted in approx. 30 min. (record them in a log and see how the times become faster with each meet throughout the summer!)
  • Check with your coach to see if you are in a relay
  • If you are late or need to cancel out of an event, always let your coach know.
  • Let your coach know when you are leaving at the end of the day.


  • Place swimmers in appropriate practice groups.
  • Provide Stroke and Turn instruction.
  • Develop training programs to help swimmers reach goals.
  • Time swimmers at practices.
  • Provide time after practice to discuss progress with parents.
  • Inform swimmers and parents of upcoming duals and meets.
  • Supervise warm-up activities at Duals, Meets & Championships.
  • Offer advice to swimmers.
  • Assign swimmers to relays.
  • Encourage swimmers.


  • Let the coach know about your health, illnesses and injuries.
  • Set personal swim goals and talk with your coach about how to meet those goals.
  • Be safe at all times at the pool.
  • Be respectful to everyone. 
  • Be a good sport & Encourage teammates!
  • Make a good effort to attend practices, duals and meets. 
  • Notify the coach if you are unable to make it to a practice/meet.
  • Be on time & Bring Water!
  • Represent the team with pride.


  • Help your child set personal swim goals.
  • Help your child arrive on time and ready to swim.
  • Record of your child's times.
  • Encourage your child to BE SAFE around the pool.
  • Encourage your child to BE RESPECTFUL.
  • Love, Support, Encourage, and Praise your swimmer.
  • Please stay off the deck during all practices.
  • Refrain from coaching your child.
  • Each family is responsible for set-up and tear down of the Triton Meet.
  • Each family is responsible for volunteering at least 10 hours at the Tritons Meet.